Her Way!


Pearland takes a liking to "Mama" Jordana's Cafe

by RENIE KIENTZ Houston Chronicle

HOUSTON, meet "Mama." I'm, from Croatia. I cook Italian food with a Croatian touch. And a French touch. So how would you say it? It's Mama's cuisine. My son says, Mama you want compliments or rnoney? I want compliments.
My son says, Mama, people are in a hurry. I say, if someone is going to movies, they should not want homemade delicious Italian food, I don't want to cook like on track. It is true, sometimes to the cha-grin of Mama's son who put up the money for her little Pearland restaurant. But his smile, the shrug, says it all. It At least the customers seem appreciative. They thank her by coming back. She estimates that 80 percent of the clientele at Santa Barbara Italian Cafe are regulars. They thank her by cleaning their plates, by coming over to compliment the chef on the way out.
"That was wonderful, Mama," says a silver--haired man (who's easily 10 years older -than she), paying his respects.
Mama, the chef is Jordana Tovich.